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Venerable Mudu | Make Peace, Be kind, Be Gentle | The Armadale Meditation Group

April 24, 2019

It was only Venerable Mudu's second visit to the Armadale Meditation Group's Tuesday evening session and as such, a most welcome surprise. Venerable started the evening by letting us know that he doesn’t really have a preferred method of meditation. In Venerable’s words “I really don’t have a fixed kind of meditation of step one, two, three and four. I roll them all into one, I sit down, shut-up and just watch what goes on in my mind”. Venerable does recognise that those of us new to or still learning, need guidance though. With that in mind Venerable related to us his experience when he first started to learn meditation techniques of breath and metta etc. On a nine day retreat when still a lay person, his view of daily life differed from what he is now learning. In this example he demonstrated how the simple mantra of “Make Peace Be Kind Be Gentle” helped him to overcome his conditioned response of self criticism.

Venerable Mudu then led the group in meditation. Venerable started the meditation with a short body sweep giving thanks and being grateful to our bodies for the work they do each day. For the balance of the meditation we all went in search of the beautiful breath.

After meditation Venerable continued his explanation of why we should meditate each day. Venerable concluded the night with a joke he was asked to deliver to us by Ajahn Brahm. Everyone in attendance left relaxed and happy. This meditation is well suited to both beginners and experienced alike.

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