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Sila Series - An Overview (1/5) | Bhante Bodhidhaja | 5 July 2020

January 17, 2021

Bhante Bodhidhaja gives a Dhamma talk from Newbury Buddhist monastery regarding an introduction to sila (ethical behaviour e.g. the five precepts), covering habit, protection and kamma. Bhante also quotes the following suttas in the talk: 

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  • Sila Series - An Overview (1/5)
  • Sila Series - The First Precept - no killing (2/5)
  • Sila Series - The Second Precept - no stealing (3/5)
  • Sila Series - The Third Precept - no sexual misconduct (4/5)
  • Sila Series - The Fourth and Fifth Precepts - no lying and no intoxicants that cloud the mind (5/5)

Teaching given from Newbury Buddhist Monastery, Victoria, Australia – Buddhist Society of Victoria (BSV). Please visit the BSV Podcast Channel and BSV YouTube Channel

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Teaching retrieved from https://bsv.podbean.com/e/dhamma-talk-an-introduction-to-sila-ethical-behaviour-bhante-bodhidhaja-5-jul-2020/

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