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Ajahn Appichato | What Are We Aiming for When Meditating? | The Armadale Meditation Group

May 15, 2019

Ajahn Appi began by asking us all to reflect on all the good we have done through out our lives to up lift our minds. As an indicator, Ajahn pointed out to us that many of the people he meets daily that look at their lives in this way, are by default happy and joyful despite economic pressures. They are not typically easily distressed or unsettled. They have built a store of emotional strength on which to call when times are more difficult. By reflecting on all the good things in life rather than the negative.

Ajahn then guided the group in a longer than usual meditation asking us all to be as comfortable as we are able first. Then to reflect on all the good qualities that we each know we have. After reflecting on ourselves we moved to the good we have done for others, then to breath meditation. This meditation is more suited to experienced meditators.

After meditation Ajahn opened to questions. In response to a question, Ajahn then reminded us that no matter who we are we are all capable of reaching very deep meditative states. So for many of us, when random thoughts intrude, we need to address them, to understand why they continue to intrude. Looking as deeply as we can into such thoughts helps to diminish them. Then they eventually go away. Samadhi is attained.


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