Ajahn Dhiravamso talks about the difference between blind religious faith and the attitudes of faith, reason and wise investigation praised by the Buddha.

Ajahn Dhiravamso discusses a core teaching of Buddhism that if often misconstrued by popular culture - the law of kamma. In this talk Ajahn Dhiravamso picks apart the confused idea in popular culture and clarifies how the law of kamma (action) really works.

Ajahn Dhiravamso gives a balanced approach to the Buddhist attitude to sense pleasures, pointing both to the danger of sense pleasures, but also how going to the opposite extreme also isn't helpful. By understanding the true nature of sense pleasures and the way to cultivate higher, more sustainable forms of happiness, we can change our attitude to life.

One of the keys to finding success in meditation - and in life generally - is in learning how to overcome the Five Hindrances. Ajahn Dhiravamso gives advice on how to get to know our minds and how to identify and overcome the Five Hindrances.

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