What is peace? How is it caused? And what are the obstacles to peace in our modern world? Ajahn Brahm talks all about peace.

This talk begins with a guided meditation. At 27.50 the dharma talk on the topic of the meaning and power of generosity (dana) in life.

Sometimes when things are going wrong in life, we end up asking "Why me?" Ajahn Brahm looks into the origins of this attitude to tragedies (big and small), and how to develop a more realistic and resilient attitude to life.

Ajahn Brahm talks about the beauty of dying well, and how this can be most effectively achieved by living well.

In response to a request Ajahn Brahm gives a talk on the value of skillful speech and how to develop it.

According to the Buddha, patience is the highest of spiritual qualities. Ajahn Brahm explains the spiritual logic of developing patience, and along the way gives tips on how to develop it.

Oftentimes having to making so many choices makes us tired and stressed. Ajahn Brahm talks about how to make choices without getting so tired and stressed, and maintaining a happy, positive frame of mind.

This talk by Ajahn Sujato came at a watershed moment in 2009 when the first fully ordained nuns (bhikkhunis) were ordained in Western Australia. Ajahn Sujato explains what it means to be fully ordained, why it is important, and why it is important to have fully ordained nuns in the contemporary world so that there are equal opportunities for both women and men to follow the whole of the Buddhist path, just as was the case in the time of the Buddha.

Ajahn Brahm talks about the source of wisdom and how we can all find out about the true nature of reality through direct experience.

Realizing that many people get upset about themselves, their relationships, the economy, the government and most everything else that goes on, Ajahn Brahm talks about hope and how to restore it.

Ajahn Brahm talks about how limiting expectations can be, and how to let go of expectations in order to give all you've got to whatever you're doing in the here and now.

Ajahn Brahm talks about how to re-orient our values in order to attain greater value (peace, satisfaction, happiness) in life.

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Ajahn Brahmali gives a fascinating talk on the future of Buddhism, citing what the Buddha himself said on this topic, and connecting it with what it means to practice in the current age.

Ajahn Brahm gives advice on how to let go of the weight of both past and future, to find freedom in the present moment.

Responding to a question on the topic, Ajahn Brahm gives a deep talk on the profundity of emptiness.

Sometimes everything seems to go wrong. Does life really suck? Ajahn Brahm responds.

Dependent Origination is a profound explanation of how life works at the core of the Buddha's Teachings. Ajahn Brahmali offers a practical and easy to understand overview of the teaching on Dependent Origination.

Ajahn Brahm gives an explanation of the process of rebirth.

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