Reflecting upon the great many changes that have occurred on this very same day, creating a real sense of uncertainty, Ajahn Khemavaro discusses how to deal with that pervasive sense of uncertainty and the anxiety it can induce. Ajahn Khemavaro explains how to cultivate a sense that everything will be alright, and to be at peace with whatever happens next.

Ajahn Brahm challenges the notion of "revealed religion" and prophets from a supreme deity. He goes on to say that we are all on a spiritual journey and it's up to us all to realise deeper spiritual truths directly for ourselves.

As Ajahn Brahmali explains, the pali word anicca is usually translated in english as "impermanence", in can also mean unreliable or uncertainty. These english words can all describe this concept of 'anicca', which is central to the Buddhist teaching, that ALL phenomena are anicca. Whilst this may seem obvious to many, to really see the truth of the full extent of anicca in our lives is very difficult. To really understand anicca is to be free of all attachment and suffering.

Ajahn Brahmali talks about what loving kindness (metta) is, how it is useful for our practice, and how we are to develop the quality of loving kindness in the heart.

Ajahn Brahm discusses the principle of kamma and how we can use it skilfully in our meditation practice.

If you want to hear all the latest gossip that Ajahn Brahm has heard on the grapevine, then you really need to listen to this talk.

Ayye Vayama discusses how knowledge and practice of the Buddha Dharma  develops the mind in the direction of liberation.

Ajahn Brahm gives a talk on how we can approach decision making in our lives with more wisdom.

The plague of the age in our "always-on", 24/7 society is that people are often - even constantly - feeling tired. This is a difficult feeling to deal with and detracts from our happiness and well-being. Ajahn Brahm offers a fresh perspective and useful advice on how to deal with tiredness.

Ajahn Brahm starts out by distinguishing between happiness and peace, then goes on to make the case that peace is the highest happiness, and what we should all be striving for.

Ayye Vayama talks about setting up of sacred spaces - in time and place - where people can come into for the purposes of remembrance, or for calm and contemplation.

How can people have so many different beliefs? How can people believe in things that are contrary to plain evidence? How can people, even in the same family, have arguments over these beliefs? Ajahn Brahm talks about the "distortions of the cognitive process" (vipallasa) and how this causes so much confusion in the world, and offers some practical strategies to make sure we aren't the ones with distorted views - and therefore more happy and free in life.

Ajahn Brahm brings the concept of Enlightenment down to Earth through offering the simile of the mist, and how sometimes we lose our direction even though we think we're on the right track. Ajahn Brahm clears the mist of unknowing so that we have a clearer sense of the path to Enlightenment, and complete freedom.

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Ajahn Brahmali discusses the ultimate question: What is the meaning of life?

Ajahn Brahmali gives a talk to provide insight into the profound topic of dependent origination, and how this applies to the spiritual practice.

Ajahn Brahmali explains how the central mental development teachings of samatha (calm) and vipassana (insight) as well as how these qualities are closely related to each and how they work together to enhance the spiritual practice.

Ayye Vayama talks on how the practice of Buddhism can help us to deal with differences with others in terms of attitudes, lifestyle, opinions, etceteras, without making adverse judgments against others.

We spend half our lives complaining. But does anyone really listen? Does it really help the situation? So why do we complain so much? Ajahn Brahm offers a different perspective on complaining, pointing us towards changing our attitude rather than changing everything around us, and finding greater peace and contentment in the process.

What is the purpose of our life? If we don't what the purpose of our lives are we end up have a meaningless existence and getting depressed. Ajahn Brahm explains what the spiritual meaning of life is, and how to live with purpose.

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