Buddhist Society of Western Australia

The Calm In The Eye Of The Storm - Session | Ajahn Brahm & Venerable Canda part 2 | 25 March 2021

September 7, 2021

In this day retreat organised by Anukampa, Ajahn Brahm shows us how we can build a reservoir of freedom and peace within, even when everything is chaos on the outside. Ven Canda also offers reflections, meditation instructions and further exploration of the theme, in her afternoon sessions all drawn from her 25 years of study and practise.

The day is filled with warmth, humour and practical tips for developing the mind, using personal anecdotes and teachings from the Buddhist texts.

These teachings are freely offered so as to be accessible to all. Any donation you feel moved to offer will enable us to continue spreading the priceless Dhamma and will also contribute towards the development of the first Theravada Bhikkhuni Monastery in the UK, where women will be able to train towards full ordination, and people of every background, race, sexual orientation and gender will be warmly welcomed to visit or reside as guests. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Please visit www.anukampaproject.org/donate

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