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Seeing Through the Stories Our Minds Spin | Ajahn Brahmavamso | 2 January 2021

January 3, 2021

Have you ever wondered how our minds spontaneously develop an endless series of concepts and perceptions when we interact with the outside world using the six sense doors of eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind? We automatically respond to any sense experience based on our past memories as well as future dreams or fears. Is it skillful? What can we do to restrain our mind from being a chattering mind?

Ajahn Brahm shares his insights and wisdom about what the mental proliferation which lead to a chattering mind is, how to become mindful when this arises, and how we can suppress it.

This teaching was recorded and live streamed from Bodhinyana Monastery, Western Australia. It was meant to be given in Melbourne, but due to COVID-19 restrictions it had to be cancelled.

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