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Right Intention Samma Sankappa (1/7) | Ajahn Brahmavamso | 23 December 2012

January 22, 2021

Teachings on the Eightfold Path by Ajahn Brahm. Recorded during the 2012 Year End Retreat at Wat Chetawan Petaling Jaya and organised by Buddhist Gem Fellowship (BGF).

Find entire series on bswa.org here. Outline of teachings:

  • Right View – sorry this recording is missing.
  • Right Intention Samma Sankappa (1/7)
  • Right Speech Samma Vaca (2/7)
  • Right Action Samma Kammanta (3/7)
  • Right Livelihood Samma Ajiva (4/7)
  • Right Effort Samma Vayama (5/7)
  • Right Mindfulness Samma Sati (6/7)
  • Right Stillness Samma Samadhi (7/7)

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Teachings retrieved from Eightfold Path playlist (bgf retreats YouTube Channel) here

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