August 31, 2015

Ethics in an unethical world | by Ajahn Brahmavamso | 20 January 2012

When faced with an ethical dilemma, often we do not know what to do. We may simply follow the mainstream, do excessive thinking, follow the 'expert's' advice or simply comply with religious teaching.

According to Ajahn Brahm, the most trustworthy and fundamental ethical compass of right or wrong is your heart. Be mindful of those feelings and follow what is right inside of you. To illustrate this point, Ajahn Brahm raises a challenging discussion about breaking precepts under certain circumstances when it is simple the ONLY right thing to do.

In this unethical world, where ethics are bent to achieve monetary gain, power, pleasure and so on, you may lose many battles while you are protecting your ethical stand, BUT you will win the war eventually.


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