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Ajahn Santutthi | Our Minds are Chaos | Monday Night Meditation at Wat Dhammayanaram

February 26, 2020

February 2020

Ajahn Santutthi reminded us that often things within our minds are beyond our control. Thoughts arise and thoughts go. It is often when we look at our thoughts that we become tangled, engaged in them. Chaos. With time or rather, over time we learn to notice such thoughts and simply let them pass. Don't engage, just let them go. Let the mind slow down and just be in the moment. No focusing on the past nor the future. Just be in the moment.

Ajahn then guided us in a thirty minute meditation encouraging us to allow our minds to become settled and peaceful. Ajahn reminded us that within each of us this mind state exists and can only be found within us.

After meditation Ajahn opened to questions.

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