Buddhist Society of Western Australia

Ajahn Nissarano | The Buddha’s Path to Happiness and Wellbeing - Armadale Meditation Group

December 14, 2016

Ajahn Nissarano explains how meditation helps us take the first step to
world peace by developing a positive, calm state of mind. He describes how
we can dissolve the five hindrances or blocks to meditation and reduce
depression, anxiety and anger by developing positive emotions and
gratitude. The results are an increase in satisfaction, contentment and

He then guides us through a very gentle, peaceful meditation flavoured with
a positive emotion to help give it a warmth and pleasantness which the mind
likes. He starts by encouraging us to prime the meditation by setting a
clear intention, and follows this with a guided relaxing body scan
associated with a warm, kind, grateful attention to the body. Finally, a
mantra of thankfulness and gratitude is used to further calm the mind in a
positive, easy flowing way.

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