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Ajahn Cittapalo - I Don’t Have To Achieve Anything | The Armadale Meditation Group

March 14, 2018

Ajahn begins by explaining what meditation is likely to be to beginners, those of us that have never meditated before.  Ajahn brings our attention to our attitude when we wish to meditate, if our mind isn't settled or is in the negative, we struggle.  Ajahn further explains some of the hindranses that cause us to lose our focus during meditation.  The clock on the wall, the traffic going past.  Ajahn encourages us to simply be an observer and not to engage in these distractions.

To start the meditation, Ajahn encouraged us to relax, get comfortable and just be.  Ajahn guided us through a full body scan before guiding us in a 30 minute meditation.  Just be here, beautifully cool room, nice people around us.

After meditation Ajahn gave us a talk and opened to questions after bringing us all to laughter with light hearted humour.


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